Message from the Founder:


For the last 12 years, my team and I have been helping poker players and sports bettors relocate around the world to find the freedom to work in the careers that they love - online poker and sports betting.

It has been an honor to help hundreds of people travel the world, find residency abroad, and continue their careers in online gaming.

In April of 2011, Black Friday happened, sparking the industry-wide changes that led to the founding of Poker Refugees. In April of 2023, I have made the decision to close Poker Refugees to focus on new opportunities.

You can continue to find information about traveling and living abroad with the following resources:

My book: Digital Nomads For Dummies, published in August of 2022, gives you the step-by-step process, tools, and resources for living a location-independent lifestyle in any country.

My podcast: Badass Digital Nomads podcast is in its fourth year with 200+ episodes published about travel, remote work, and living abroad. With 400,000 downloads in 189 countries, it’s among the top 1% of podcasts in the world.

You can subscribe for free on any podcast platform, including YouTube. Get started at or at

My YouTube channel: Traveling with Kristin, founded in 2018, helps tens of millions of people with travel, living abroad, making money online, and adapting to culture shock. Find hundreds of free videos and subscribe today at

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I would like to thank Adam Small and Cal Spears and team, formerly of PocketFives for helping me launch Poker Refugees in 2011. Thank you to the poker media for giving me a platform to spread the word about how we could help players affected by Black Friday. And thank you to each poker player and sports bettor who trusted me with planning their relocation to a foreign country.

It’s been an amazing journey and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. It’s a pleasure to continue to be involved in helping people gain the freedom to live and work on their own terms, which I continue to do through content and consultations. To get in touch, you can fill out the contact form on my personal website, here.

Thank you for thinking of Poker Refugees for your international relocation and I wish you all the best in your journey.

Best regards,
Kristin Wilson (Traveling with Kristin)
Poker Refugees
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