Why we do what we do

Location independence is the holy grail of our generation. Our mission is to make working online from anywhere in the world easy and attainable for everyone: poker players, gamers, streamers, traders, freelancers, influencers, YouTubers and all other digital nomads.

We are passionate about travel and think that the world would be a much better place if everyone had the opportunity to travel or live abroad at least once in their life.

How we help you

We believe that people should be able to do what they want in life instead of being chained to an office, a routine, societal expectations or an ideology.

We are here to help people break barriers en route to achieving their life goals of traveling or living abroad.

Founder & Owner

Kristin Wilson is an avid traveler, adventurer and entrepreneur who has lived abroad for half her life and traveled to over 50 countries on her own. Her passion in life is to help people who want to work for themselves and live on their own terms.

A ‘digital nomad’ and expert expat since before iPhones were invented, she has helped thousands of people live, travel or invest abroad since 2005. Fluent in Spanish, she has a background in international business, an MBA and an honorary degree in How-To-Live-Abroad.

Connect with Kristin

Some more background…

Poker Refugees was originally founded during the aftermath of poker Black Friday in 2011, as a way for American poker players to quickly and easily leave the US to continue their careers abroad with as little disruption to their lives as possible.

The company has since grown to help people from anywhere in the world move for almost any reason. We are proud to have helped nearly 650 individual poker and gaming aficionados move to 25 different countries since 2011.

Poker Refugees provided me with great service and VIP treatment. They help me set up banks account, residency and all my online poker accounts up in Canada. They helped me find housing and got my funds deposited.

Jerry Callahan

The service is excellent and professional. It eliminates the stress of moving to a foreign country and let’s you focus on the grind. Kristin is a great resource in the poker community and will help you if she can long after relocation.

Kevin Sak

These guys saved my LIFE! Got me set up in a beautiful place in Costa Rica resurrected my tournament life to making the best money in my entire life. They made sure I got everything like banks, places to go and not to go.

Ryan Neilly